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Government and economy


The Republic of Madagascar has a bicameral system.

The President, elected by the people, designates the Prime Minister whose job is to form a Government, composed of several Ministers.

In the past, decision-making was strongly centralized , but, at the present, it should be partially shared by these 22 Regions.


More than ¾ of the population work in agriculture, fishing or animal husbandry, in a traditional way, without mechanical tools.

The main export products are: shrimps, vanilla, coffee and spices.

The prevalent crop is rice, being a staple for the Malagasy food.
Within the industrial field, the textile branch is particularly dynamic thanks to the competitive cost of labor that encourages foreign companies (mainly from Mauritius) to invest in the Country.

The services sector is growing. Tourism is the most dynamic branch and it is the national second largest export resource (66% of tourists come from France, except in Nosy Be Archipelago where Italians are the majority).

Madagascar receives significant international contributions, to the benefit of almost all of its economy sectors. This money comes mainly from Europe (mostly France), China, the U.S.A., Japan, South Africa and international Institutions like IMF and WB.


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