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Introducing Madagascar

Mappa del Madagascar
The 20 milions of Malgasy people, of various lineages, have developed common traits and linguage traits and language though still preserving some characteristics that belong to their homelands.
Sometimes comparet to Asians for their appearance and behaviour, sometimes assimilated to Africans for geographic closeness, Malgasy people have mysterious origins maybe dated from the dawn of our civilisation.

This continent-island is set, like a precious stone, in the Indian Ocean, surrounded by Mauritius and la Réunion to the east, the Comores anc the Seychelles to the north, and to the west the african continent (from whis separated by the narrow Mozambique Channel, only 400 Km wide).

To the south there is open ocean, all the way to Anctartica, Madagascar broke off from the African continent 150 milion years ago. Since then this new continent-island has developed a unique and georgeous eco system inwhich
  • 85% of the flora is typical to Madagascar including more than 1.000 varieties of orchids
  • 7 species of baobabs (while there is only one baobab species in all of continen Africa)
  • the fauna is rich in endemic species, 3/4 of all the world's chamaleons live here
  • as well as more than 30 species of lemurs (now extinct in the rest of the world)

Madagascar is the world's fourth largest island (approximately the same size as the Iberian peninsula) but, more than a big island, it should be consider a micro-continent. Its territory has a wide range of different climatic and phisical features and includes a great varietyof regions, ecosystems and people.

The Nord

The landscape varies according to different microclimates. The luxuriant vegetation is typically tropical.

The South

The tableland is characterized by its boundless savannah, crossed by herds of zebu. Further south the dominant scenery is the semi-arid bush. The western coast is protected by the reef.

The High Plateau

Wherever you look there are bucolic scenes to be admired, with vast rice-fields. This is the most densely populated region.

The Western coast

It is characterized by stretches of bare hills as far as the eye can see. In the south-west the forest are rich in beautiful baobab trees.

The Eastern coast

These regions, exposed to the trade-winds, get a lot of rain which produces a rich, luxuriant vegetation.

Parks and reserves

Madagascar was one of first countries in the world to establish a network of Protected Areas.

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